I’m sure we can all agree that coming home from a long day at work just to heat up some leftover pizza and pass out doesn’t exactly get us motivated to take on the next day. Setting up the following day by having an effective evening routine will completely transform your life. Going through your … Continue Reading

If you’re anything like me when you see something you know is meant to be yours you go after it with wild abandon. You’re prepared to do whatever it takes to get your hands on it. No, I am not referring to my dream career or the perfect guy. I’m talking about the Urban Decay … Continue Reading

As someone who lives in a city that is extremely focused on sustainability and eco friendly alternatives finding a way to support brands that care about the planet is important to me. While I still buy products from a huge variety of brands I do find my interest immediately piqued when I can find a … Continue Reading

If you’re like me then you love diving into some good old fashioned motivational reading. I’m a big believer in living a life with positive intention. I meditate in the mornings, make vision boards and have a gratitude journal. To some that may seem really bizarre and like a waste of time but I think … Continue Reading

Leopard is without a doubt my all time favorite print. It’s sassy and chic, two things I always aspire to be. There’s something very purposeful yet effortless about incorporating a pop (or in this case, more than a pop) of leopard into your outfit. I love adding it to a look that would otherwise be really … Continue Reading

We are hands down living in the year of the unicorn. From those bizarre sugar filled drinks (bleh) to every single unicorn themed product that seems to be popping up all over social media, they’re everywhere. I’m certainly not mad at it. It gives me some serious Lisa Frank vibes, so what’s not to love? My … Continue Reading