Today’s #MoreThanEnough feature is Marie Rau, the lovely lady behind the fiscal and fashion-driven blog ¬†Financialable! Marie makes the world of finance approachable and interesting while also sharing her killer street style. I love a business-savvy woman with great style and I know you’ll love Marie’s blog just as much as I do! The #MoreThanEnough … Continue Reading

Today’s #MoreThanEnough feature is the vibrant and colorful Hannah Rupp of The Outfit Repeater! Hannah is an affordable fashion and thrifting guru with a fresh take on repurposed and vintage fashion! I’m obsessed with her style and honestly spent a good 45 minutes scrolling through her blog because I couldn’t get enough! I know you’ll … Continue Reading

I’m thrilled to be featuring another amazing #girlboss blogger today! Andrea has her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and along with having a passion for science she also has fabulous style! The #MoreThanEnough campaign is all about celebrating other women within your community and reminding them that despite all of the negative messaging we … Continue Reading

With so many amazing campaigns that are by women, for women emerging this year I wanted to celebrate the women that are within my own community and feature some amazing bloggers here on She Smiles! Connecting with other bloggers and showing support is something I’m really passionate about! I also love helping aspiring bloggers find … Continue Reading

When people ask me to describe my style I have a difficult time because honestly, it’s kind of all over the place. I love super feminine, lacey details but I also love edgier pieces like a great leather jacket or a faded graphic tee. I dabble in the boho trend from time to time and … Continue Reading

First dates can be a real freaking bummer. You get dressed up, you do your hair, you shower. You hope and pray this isn’t awkward af while you’re in the Uber and when you arrive you have to pretend to be interested in everything your date is saying even if that means stifling a yawn … Continue Reading