When I think about what really made the difference in my blog and my business I know that it really came down to three things. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: they all have to do with your mindset. I don’t like to mess around, so I won’t bore you with a … Continue Reading

Today I had the absolute pleasure of making one of my life long dreams a reality. I got to attend shows for New York Fashion Week. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a little girl, playing my Barbie Fashion Designer computer game (90’s kid) all through my teenage years where I lived and … Continue Reading

With August coming to an end I’m trying to find an excuse to wear all of my favorite summer pieces before we enter into the fall season. I tried to wear this super cute off the shoulder tropical print dress when I was in Atlanta during July but after a night of one too many … Continue Reading

Can you believe summer is almost over?! Where did this summer even go??? I feel like I blinked and July disappeared. Am I the only one? This summer has been huge for me, with a lot of exciting changes and discoveries. Everything feels like it’s been speeding by and I’m just trying to keep up! … Continue Reading

Summer could not be flying by quicker! I can’t believe it’s almost August. Where did the time go? Along with some major life updates (more to come soon) I’ve been indulging in my “off-duty” outfit vibes and finding new ways to balance boho and business casual. I’m wearing my favorite high rise jeans from Express, … Continue Reading

I’m sure we can all agree that coming home from a long day at work just to heat up some leftover pizza and pass out doesn’t exactly get us motivated to take on the next day. Setting up the following day by having an effective evening routine will completely transform your life. Going through your … Continue Reading