Happy Black Friday! I hope you all had an amazing (and delicious) Thanksgiving and are hopefully recovering from your food coma and/or hangover with ease! Below you’ll find my guide to all of my favorite Black Friday sales so you can easily shop for gifts and yourself! Grab some coffee, snuggle up with a blanket … Continue Reading

Happy Turkey Day! Am I the only one who feels like a total dad saying “turkey day”? No? Thank god. I hope you’re all spending time with your loved ones, getting ridiculously full and guzzling wine while dancing to Christmas music in your living rooms. Here is a list of 5 of the things I’m … Continue Reading

*This post may contain affiliate links It is officially my favorite time of year because hello, mashed potatoes. I mean, seeing my family is cool too but you know, #priotities. I put together a super comfy and chic look that I plan on actually wearing to Thanksgiving dinner because 1. These pants are stretchy af (plenty … Continue Reading

*This post may contain affiliate links Working from home is cushy, I’m not going to lie. I can wear anything I want, have unlimited snack breaks and my commute from my bedroom to my office is more than manageable (the only bad joke in this post, I promise!). One of the cons, however, is that … Continue Reading

Happy Halloween friends! I hope you get to spend it having a blast with your friends and family. Be safe & indulge in some sweet treats! Check out my DIY Skeleton look here. Here are some sweet throwbacks of costumes from years past: 2011: Pirate   2012: French Maid Zombie & Alice in Wonderland 2013: … Continue Reading

With Halloween just a day away I wanted to share a super easy DIY Skeleton makeup look that you can do if you’re like me and are super last minute. I did a similar look a couple years ago that was also a kind of cartoonish take on a skeleton but with a pop art twist. … Continue Reading